Filter media

LiVe Rock Function Filter

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  • Filter media made of porous ceramic.
  • For fresh or marine water.
  • With high porosity.
  • For bacteria and micro fauna.
  • Aerobic and anaerobic areas.
  • To reduce NH3 NO2 NO3.
  • Live rock function :

    Label Aquaroche: Live rock functionThe development of these modules comes from our vast experience in the creation and manufacturing of rocks/ culture live rocks.
    After colonisation, they are similar to natural live rocks and their porosity is double the Indonesian live rock porosity (porosity 60/65 %)

    Bacteria and micro fauna :

    The difference with other filtration media is that the Aquaroche modules can shelter both bacteria and micro fauna, including microscopic worms which find galleries, wide and deep enough to penetrate to the heart of the rocks.
    wormThese worms and other micro-organisms play an important part in the biological balance and also prevent clogging that often occurs rapidly with other traditional media, with a too thin and homogeneous porosity.

    Picture: Worm among the biofilm secreted by the bacteria.

    Porosity :

    Aquaroche Live rock Function Filter elements have a great deal of open cells of 20/100 µ, linked together by galleries and fissures of 100 µ to 1 mm.
    The shape is a cube of 5 cm, big enough to enable the development of areas poor in oxygen.
    To better imagine the size: a bacterium measures around 1 µ, each element is a micro world cube of 50 000 µ side. To bring it to a human size, if the bacteria measured 1 meter, the cube would measure 50 kilometres.
    Then it’s easy to understand that, to avoid the filter media clogging (which happens with too small and too regular pores) and to make life develop, you need
    • A very good circulation between the pores, the cavities, grottoes and fissures
    • A great variety in the dimensions so that each micro-organism can find its place and can be fed correctly.

    Material :

    The ceramic of the structure is the same as the one for our eco reef plates (to make artificial live rocks), which has proved its neutrality for years. Scientific tests confirm there is no leaching of toxic elements in the water for fish and corals.

    Catalogue :

    2 shapes :

    Simple element (5 cm x 5 cm x 5cm) in a 1,5 litre box – 12 pieces.

    code 401201

    Double element with central hole (5 cm x 5 cm x 10 cm) in a 1,5 litre box – 6 pieces

    code 400602


    • Do not rinse with tap water but immerse your aquaroche filter media in a “soup” rich in bacteria and nutrients eg. off-the-shelf bacteria products.
    • Put them loose or stacked up in the filter box under a thin coat of pre filtration foam eg. cotton wool.
    • Normal waterflow to provide oxygen.

    Development and maximum efficiency of aerobic bacteria in 4 / 6 weeks (check and follow the evolution of nitrites)
    Clean regularly the pre-filtration foam but never rinse the elements once they are colonised as you would risk to destroy the active bacteria.
    Reduction of nitrates comes from the development of anaerobic bacteria which requires a complicated balance that needs several months to settle (from 4 to 6 months, provided that you do not rinse the elements)

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