Decors for fresh water aquariums

Decoration for aquarium 80×40 cm H: 40 cm

Céramique et plateaux 1This arrangement was made with 1 box / 5 kg / ceramic rocks and 1 plate (3517) together with natural plants.

Decoration with one 17 kg box / ceramic rocks

It is often asked: what can I do with the rocks of a 17 kg box?
Exemple avec un carton de 17 kgIt depends on the type of décor: very light or massive, with plants or not.
On can consider in average one 17 kg box for 200 litres of water.

On the example, for 300 litres, the décor is rather light.

Decoration made with 17 kg ceramic rocks and 2 plates

We took the same dimensions as in the previous example, same quantity of rocks and simply added 2 plates:
Exemple avec 1 carton de 17 kg et des plateaux1 crown plate (code 3535) on the left and 1 long (code 3517) on the right.
The result is a lighter and slightly higher décor.
The solution with our plates makes it very easy to build stable decorations.

Decoration with sculptured rocks for an aquarium 120×40 cm H: 50 cm

Décor pour eau douce, après quelques moisAssociate our coloured rocks with natural plants to get a lot of shelters and spots where your fish will feel comfortable.