FAQ – aquarium decorations

Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions about your aquariums and decors; for more precisions visit our different pages, especially the « reef aquariums »

Are Aquaroche® rocks neutral ?

Although they can look similar to  limestone, Aquaroche® rocks are made of ceramic/highly fired clay (1300°C).
They are totally chimically neutral and can be used in any aquarium: nano aquarium, fresh water tank, cichlid fish aquarium, saltwater aquariums (fish only, reef).

Aquaroche ceramic rocks are very specific with controlled clays and firing, some other products, also called ceramic are different in their composition.

Only Aquaroche produces aquaroche rocks.

The shapes and  finish indicate if the decorations are more for fresh water or for marine aquariums.
Our decors.

Can we glue Aquaroche® rocks?

You can glue these rocks with silicone rubber specific for aquarium for your setting ups or to fix a brocken piece.

How to get rid of algae and clean the rocks ?

It is natural that rocks are covered with algae.
To keep just a beautiful patina and not a ‘dirty’ rock,  algae eater fish and snails can ensure the current cleaning.
In case of real problem with algae such as blue seaweeds or cyano-bacteria, it is necessary to wonder about the presence of phosphates in waters from the water supply line. In fresh water as in sea water, these phosphates are an excellent accelerator for certain algae and every change of water brings a new dose!
Remedies: granules of special resins to be put in the filtration; or use of osmolated water .
It is a pity to deprive ourselves of the entire load of purifying bacteria contained in the rocks, but the rocks can be cleaned by dipping them in chlorinated water. Rinse thoroughly several times, allow to dry before re-use.

How long can Aquaroche® rocks be used ? Is it possible to use them in a new aquarium?

Aquaroche rocks are indestructible: you can use them over many years in your saltwater tank and as far as your aquarium is « safe » , you can transfer them in another tank: loaded with bacteria and microfauna, they are genuine live rocks, able to cycle very rapidly a new tank.

  • In case you have used copper in your aquarium, the rocks will remain loaded with it and can be used only in fish tanks, not in reef aquariums with corals and inverts.
  • Rocks that have been used for long in saltwater aquariums can be loaded with calcium (case of tanks with a disfunction of the calcium reactor). In this case avoid to use them in fresh water.

Do you have very high Aquaroche® decorations ?

Some of our standard decors are available up to 74 cm.
Decors from 55 to 75 cm high (0964-0858-0868-9008-9164-9174)

The XL decor range makes it easy to set up decors in aquariums over 2 meters long, 90 cm width and over 80 cm high.

And if you cant find among our different ranges of aquarium decors, we can make special quotes : your design or our proposal.

How can I hide my weir and columns ?

We have stable rocks in one piece with grottoes and ways (9516/9526/9536/9144/9154/9164/9474), as well as specific aquascapes with a semi-circle shape to hide accessories, columns, Tunze wave box or skimmer (0944/0954/0964).

For higher decorations or with specific dimensions, we make custom quotes.

It’s also possible to build a decor with our ceramic rocks, this requires some talent but is quite possible. Over a height of 40 cm, you shoud consolidate your setting up with silicone rubber.


Is it possible to have a custom quote Aquaroche®  ?

Normally, with all the different rocks and aquascapes of our catalogue, you should be able to find a decoration for your aquarium.

For big tanks (saltwater – reef aquariums) and for public aquariums we make specific decors, really adapted to the specificities of your aquarium: size, special dimensions and shapes, pipes and pumps to hide, special design.

If you already have an idea of what you wish, send us a sketch (either directly or by the mean of your retailer) with exact dimensions of the aquariums, exact positions of pipes and pumps and all accessories. Which sides are visible? Is it a double sided aquarium – between 2 rooms?

Prices will be given by the retailer, delivery at the retailer place.

I ‘dd like to have an idea for the decoration of my aquarium.

In the Examples   pages you’ll find ideas for decorating your aquarium, proposals of setting ups and décors, classified by size of the aquarium.

Also visit the video pages and Aquaroche Facebook.

You can mix our different elements to make your own arrangements: ceramic rocks in bulk + plates + reef system…

We can as well make proposals: indicate dimensions of the aquarium, visible sides, whishes…

Where can I find your  Aquaroche® decorations ? where can I find your pricelist?

Retailers for France

Retailers for other countries


For prices, ask your nearest retailer.

If there is no aquaroche retailer near you,

ask your regular retailer to contact us.

Nytrogen cycle, how to cycle my aquarium /  aquaroche rocks ?

Visit the reef pages.