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The name Aquaroche covers different families of products for aquariums : they are all made of clay, hand made or produced with aquaroche specific process. We buy full lorries of raw clays and prepare our different clays in our own chain of production.

Some products are specific for fresh water; all our other products, with LV label ( see Live rock function) are for all purposes.


This material, already used in aquariums (broken pot !!!), offers a lot of advantages, provided that the raw material is strictly selected.

Before firing , the clay can be worked at will and offers many possible shapes, either for a unique piece or for a large quantity of the same shape.

Ceramic rocks have a long life time and can be re-used several times.

Rocks from an old (and safe) aquarium can be used to start a new one, at the same time bringing good bacteria.

Chemical composition of clays :

ArgilesMainly silica, feldspar and different minerals (no chemical products, no binding materials, no hardening or colouring products.) The colour comes, after firing, from the natural colours of the different clays.

Apart from the aesthetic aspect, our products have different formulas, corresponding to different uses

As time goes on…

In fresh water, the rocks will in a few months develop a matchless natural patina.

In marine water, our rocks will be colonised when they are in contact with live rocks : Gradually green algae and corallinacea cover the ceramic rocks, preparing them for inverts ; in the long term, it’s impossible to distinguish the « aquaroche » from live rocks.

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