Examples of decors with ceramic rocks and plates

Small basic setting ups

These small setting ups can be used as well for nano aquariums as for big aquariums, you only have to adapt the size of the different elements.

Build a pile with ceramic rocks

Install 1rst rock on 3 points of contact : it will be stable
Lock 2nd rock on 1rst one .
This is the basis of all construction, grottoes, overhangs…
Even with busy fish, your decoration will be stable.

Create an arch or a grotto

Use 2 or 3 ceramic rocks  and link them on the top  with a long rock or a plate (arch) + 1 rock behind (grotto)

Create an arch

Build 2 piles with ceramic rocks, for the bridge, use a long ceramic rock or a plate.

Create a grotto for a  nano aquarium / 130 litres

Use 1 plate – 3535, 3 tripods (code 0033) and a few ceramic rocks.


Setting up of decor: 120 x 70 x H 45 cm

Example made with ceramic rocks, tripods and plates.