Acroporock system

New system of interchangeable  and modular décor, very light, with a stable basis, with a lot of cups for your corals and coral frags: « acroporock system. »

acroporock - set 9710

Vidéo by  Gui-M, who first tested our acroporocks:

For the moment, 2 sets are available:

décor for a 66 gallons aquarium, at least 28″ long and 16″ wide:
Acroporock set « 9710 » for 66 Gallons aquariums

décor for a 92 to 105 gallons aquarium, at least 36″ long and 20″ wide
Acroporock set « 9720 » for 92 to105 Gallons aquariums

Tested by Vin

Dear Aquaroche,
I recently purchased one of you ceramic designs 9710 which had multiple places to add frags or in fact large colonies across the arms. This product is excellent and would recommend to any reefer. The design of the 9710 allowed me to choose a number of scape’s, allowing me to get the best view from my tank as well as allowing me easy access to keep the tank clean/maintained. I will be purchasing some more for sure. I’m now looking into the 9238 Arch-Pillar with some shelves. Added this rock has kept my mind at easy not only with critters coming into the tank but keeping the worlds reefs safe as well. This takes the work out of cutting rock and scaping aquariums.

Fully recommended.

ACROPOROCKS interzoo 2014-fr

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