Reef aquariums from 1 to 2 meters

Décor made by Christel D. (aquarium 1 meter x 50 cm)
aquarium de Christel D.


A few « dry » setting ups:

Curved front aquarium 150 cm H 60 cm

recifal_jcr_1After 3 years with a smaller reef aquarium, JC changed for a Juwel aquarium (Length: 1.5 m , height: 62 cm , (width: : 60 cm in the middle and 40 cm on sides).
Most live rocks of old aquarium have been used again in the new one.

All additional parts of décor are aquaroche elements (setting up in 2 stages).
At the beginning, he set up, on the left side, 1 pillar (code 0848) with eco reef plates.
Then, after 2 weeks, he wished to hide the block on the right and improve the setting up of live rocks in the middle:

  • On the right, a reef system column (code 0954) hides the block and tube at the rear. On the top, near the front glass, a Tunze nano stream rock hides the pump.
  • In the middle, the use of a set of 3 tripods + 1 crown plate  helps to raise all the live rocks, which keeps a good water circulation, ways for fish…

Pictures have been taken one month after introduction of aquaroche elements.

Décor for an aquarium 180x40x60 cm

This project was made for a reef aquarium, with specific requests: hide accessories in a corner and use mainly ceramic rocks.

Particularity is that width is very narrow: 40 cm, which means: put the decor against the back side with a few foregrounds to give a depth effect.

Video of this décor