Reef aquariums – over 2 meters

Daniel’s reef aquarium – Aquarium 200 x 80 cm x H 60 cm

This arrangement is typical of what can be done with elements of Aquaroche reef system:
Structures: pillars, backgrounds, grottoes, build the structure of decor on which can be included eco reef plates rocks or live rocks.
The result is an open décor, with many hiding places, grottoes, overhangs, using a good volume of the aquarium and creating a nice aqua scape.
It leaves easy passages for fish, many territories, good penetration of light, different levels for corals and a good water circulation.
This kind of décor could seem a bit light and simple at the beginning (weight of rocks is around 10 % of water volume), but once corals have grown, it looks like a genuine natural reef.

Plan du décor de DanielClick on design to see positions of rocks.


Along years

In June 2007

This setting up uses, on the back and on the sides, reef system elements in height 45 cm, rather far from one another, linked together on the top buy rocks (put vertically). Foreground: pillar in height 48 cm; bridges and arches link the back and the front part.

In April 2008

Décor on photo (2007) has been slightly modified: pillar moved to the left.

In December 2008

The whole setting up begins to be colonised and well covered with corals.

In September 2010

Mature décor.

More about Daniel

Daniel is a very activ member of Limoges association: SATL, and you will find other photos of his aquarium on his blog and on the Satl site.

Aquarium 1200 litres – with pillars + eco reef plates + plateaux

This 1200 litres aquarium has been set up by a reef keeper in Normandy; sales and advice by Nautilea shop (27)

Photos after 10 months.

Décor for aquarium /  2200 litres (280 x 100 x H 80 cm)

This décor was made for a 2200 litres aquarium, with view from front side and right side.

The aim was to have a « light » décor with many steps for corals. The décor had to hide the corner weir.

The use of the whole space of the aquarium is optimized, with overhangs, caves, passages, beaches…

We could also choose the option of a  coral wall, using backgrounds and some central elements to make beautiful foregrounds.

What was necessary?

fiche des décors utilisés, avec poids à sec et en eauList of products and weights on this table:

In this aquarium, you can choose to use only new rocks or replace all eco reef plates (42 kg / dry) and ceramic rocks (30 kg /dry) by the same quantity of colonised rocks(eco reef plates / 54.6 kg/ wet and ceramic rocks 37,5 kg / wet); these colonised rocks are available on the French market (ask your retailer to contact: Ferme de Corail in Camaret)

Add some kilos of wild live rocks to bring diversity of micro-organisms.

Build your décor


  • Hide the  angle: we use following items to hide the weir : code 1956 on  base code 1920,which makes a height of 76 cm . These decors are no longer produced in 2017 and are replaced by bespoke creations.
  • Install all the high decorations: pillars and other central décors.

Steps for corals

  • Insert « eco reef plates » rocks in the cavities of the columns or pillars, at different levels: Bigger rocks on the lower parts and smaller ones on the top, to grant good lighting conditions.
  • Link the different structures with big « eco reef plates » rocks which will build arches and bridges.
  • Foreground: Use some loose ceramic rocks.

This system of décor provides a large surface for corals.