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About us ?

GlénicOur company, dedicated to ceramic products, was created in 1979 and in 1987 developed a new range of aquarium décors. The Aquaroche trade mark was registered at the same time.


All our products are made in our different workshops in Glénic – France.


Four: défournementSeveral sculptors prepare the different decors which are burnt in a 4 cubic meters kiln.


Transmission and developement: Jérôme Levassor took over « Aquaroche » in February 2017:

Aquaroche à la Une de la Montagne

Meeting aquarists

Discussions with members of the Aquarist Association in Limoges led us to create specific shapes according to their needs. The idea was to create shelters and territories for fish, whilst bearing in mind the restricted volume of the aquarium.
Our solution was : sculptured ceramic rocks, both aesthetic and easy to use.

Stand à Interzoo en 2012The opportunity to share a booth with Atelier de Marianne (company specialized in aquarium furniture) during the Expozoo trade show in april 1987 was the beginning of the adventure. This collaboration with Atelier de Marianne has been going on over years for the trade shows Expozoo in Paris and Interzoo in Nurnberg.

Our participation in the exhibition Animaqua near Paris for many years, and in the Rencontres de l’aquariophilie marine in Strasbourg, gave us the opportunity of creating links with passionate aquarists who test our new products and provide regularly much appreciated help during Expozoo and Interzoo.

L’atelier de Marianne

Biotopes and research

From the beginning, our aim was to create a natural environment in aquariums, with an esthetic result and the creation of a biotope.

Décor récifalThis biotope is intended to be the best method of developing the different stages of aquatic life, providing a good and lasting physicochemical equilibrium, with territories, for a long time. This last point is very sensitive in the case of reef aquariums where the equilibrium is developed over years, thus requiring careful selection of the products used for the decoration.

Being located in the Limousin region of France, an area rich in the raw material for ceramic production, we are able to select clays which provide lasting quality.

Year after year, constant research, with the help of the Limousin research agency (Anvar, Arist) and the University of Limoges, has enabled us to create new products, to improve the porosity…

In our opinion, aquaria has to be eco-responsible. It is a way of considering nature, that must lead to a better knowledge, a respect, a preservation and not a destruction of the milieus. We always keep this in mind when we create new products.

Report and  video ‘Aquaroche’ on website: ‘Innovez en Limousin’

video made by Réseau de Développement Technologique du Limousin.

Our trade marks

  • Aquaroche
  • Fun décor
  • Eco-Reef
  • Fonction LiVe Rock
  • LiVe Rock Function
  • Acroporock

« Limousin » corporate mark

You may have noticed the label in the upper corner of this website:  Limousin.
Marque LimousinIt’s a corporate mark, created by different agents of the Limousin area. It’s not a trade mark but a common mark to promote the region: tourism, agriculture, factories, workshops, leisure and sport associations, with strong common values: solidarity, dynamism, involvement, harmony, innovation, naturality, competitivity.

We are always surprised to discover the diversity of:

  • The activities of this region, even the most unexpected, in very isolated: products made in Limousin and sold worldwide, dance or music festivals in very tiny villages.
  • People : natives or coming from the EC or from far away, young people finding here a job and a nice life quality
  • A dynamic social life with local associations, where meeting people is easier than in big towns.

Aquaroche et la marque Limousin

Aquaroche  feels in harmony with these actions of creation and broadcasting, where people show that everything is possible, as far as you want it.

« Dare to be different ! » is the catch-phrase of the Limousin.

This could be our slogan as well, as we had to dare, over 25 years ago, to create and produce “rocks” and develop decors for reef aquariums, 250 km from the nearest sea!


Nuit des Cargot et Turgot – Limoges – November 2015

After 2012 and 2014, our company  was mentioned in following categories:  Export and  Vitality. (first place for Export)

Stars et métiers – June 2013

Organised by Socama, Banque Populaire Aquitaine Centre Atlantique, Stars et Métiers gave us a reward for category « Innovation ». They offered the opportunity to make a video of the company: