Rocks for nano aquariums

Gamme Décor Nano AquarocheIn this range for nano aquariums, you will find:

  • grottoes, small ceramic rocks (in white boxes)
  • tubes, that can be used as well in fresh water as in marine water.
  • and a specific decor for nanoreefs.

Grottoes for shrimps

grotte aquaroche pour crevettes, Nanocube Dennerle

These decors are mini aquascapes.

They have a cleft with many small hiding places for reproduction and protection of baby shrimps

The good porosity takes part in a good biological equilibrium of the aquarium.

Similar to the rocks of Ha Long Bay , they are hand made , each piece is unique.

Easy to set up: just put them in the aquarium, grottoe in the middle, small rock in the front. Add plants.

Grottoe  for shrimps, heights : 14 cm (7032) and 21 cm (7033)

These decors are in 2 parts: grottoe+ small rock

  • grottoe 14 cm (code 7032) for  10 to 15 litres aquariums
  • grottoe 21 cm (code 7033) for  20 to 30 litres aquariums

Ceramic rocks – 2 kg boxes

Décor avec 2 kg de roches céramiqueIdeal rocks to give free play to your creativity.

Small rocks for a 20 to 40 litres aquarium.

Setting up:
Put 3 rocks, not too close, in triangle, link them with 1 or 2 bigger ones to build a bridge, add a rock on the top.

Multitubes shelter

This tube is divided in several small tunnels of different dimensions to shelter different sizes of shrimps.
Length from 7 à 10 cm.

See Eric Quéré's article in  n°921 - L'Aquarium à la Maison
in June 2012:
Tested for you: 
Article Refuges multitubes - Aquarium à la Maison n°92
  • Similar range: laying truncs for loricariidae codes 7210, 7215, 7315 ou 7322

Nanoreef 9305

9305 - culture - Ferme de Corail CamaretRock for aquariums over 40 litres:
Decor in 1 piece, with shelves for inverts and for corals and a cavity to hide a small pump. (ex: Tunze nano stream )


Nano reef - 9305 Dimensions
Live rock function
With steps for corals and cavity to hide a pump
L:24 l:21 H:25 3 509305 [3594985093050]

For aquariums over 40 litres
Multitube shelter - 7801 Dimensions
For fresh and marine water
Tube with several different cavities to shelter small or big shrimps.
L:7 to 10 117801 [3594982478010]

Other decors for nano aquariums

For fresh water aquariums

  • All rocks among the fresh decors range, with code ending with  01, 02, 03 or 04.

For reef aquariums

Small « eco reef plates » and :

  • rock  9004 ou 9005
  • nanoreef 9305