Reef system

Décor avec les roches reef scène système

System of structures to install live rocks

Who never had difficulties in building a high décor with live rocks in his aquarium ?
Following our research on aquacultured live rocks, together with our experience with custom quotes décors, we went further with specific structures to hold our live rocks..

List of conditions for this high and stable decor:

  • easy installation of our rocks (live or new) or other live rocks with a good water circulation.
  • many steps for corals with good lighting conditions.
  • hide columns or accessories. (compatible with Tunze accessories).
  • heights for all standard aquariums.

How does it work?

Principe d'encastrement du reef scène systèmeOn one side we have a range of rocks of different heights and shapes:

  •  » Aquaroche Reef System » range

and on the other side

  • « Eco Reef Plates ».

It is a system of steps-cavities where you can chock up our eco reef plates, aquacultured or new, or other live rocks.

Different positions of the rocks are possible in the same cavity.
Irregular steps allow good lighting conditions for corals.

Several types of structures are available:

Central decorations

  • Reef bases, marine aqua scape for aquariums from 30 to 70 cm (height). (9004-9005-9306-9007-9008-9806-9816-9826-9944)
  • Pillars and arch pillars, for light décors with overhangs (0838-0848- 0858-0868-9238-9248) for aquariums from 50 to  80 cm.
  • Multi reef elements: can be used as central décor, as backgrounds for  aquariums from 50 to 80 cm. (9144-9154-9164-9174)


  • flat and straight (9516-9526-9536-0945) for aquariums from 40 to 50 cm
  • curved, to hide Tunze accessories : Wave Box and Comline, or weir columns
    0944-0954-0964 for aquariums from 50 to 70 cm.

More details: