Rock & Reef ConneXion

The Magic of Rock&Reef ConneXion Kits

Each kit of this collection is carefully composed of 3 interconnecting modules as well as a round rock and a flat rock. These pieces come together to form a small scape in the blink of an eye perfectly suited to a nano or pico aquarium   . And if you want to go bigger, nothing could be simpler: just add an additional kit to enlarge and enrich your scape. Scape it easy!

🎥Videos to discover 🎥

Discover in this video the ease and versatility of these kits. Check by  yourself how to transform your aquarium step by step.



🐟Why the Rock&Reef ConneXion is so special? 🐟

Behind each module hides an invitation to creativity. It is your story, your universe, your masterpiece that you shape. With Rock&Reef ConneXion, each aquarium becomes a single canvas, where nature and art merge into one.

Come on the Aquaroche adventure and raise your passion to its peak.

👉 Dive into the Rock&Reef ConneXion universe now 👈

Transform the ordinary into extraordinary with Rock&Reef ConneXion. The Aquaroche era is waiting for you.🌊🐠🎨 Scape it easy!  👉 You are the Artist

KIT N°1 – 550001

KIT N°1-réf 550001

KIT N°2 – 550002

KIT N°2-réf 550002

KIT N°3 – 550003

KIT N°3-réf 550003

KIT N°4 – 550004

KIT N°4-réf550004

KIT N°5 – 550005

KIT N°5-réf 550005

KIT N°6 – 550006

KIT N°6-réf 550006

KIT N°7 – 550007

KIT N°7-réf 550007

KIT N°8 – 550008

KIT N°8-réf 550008