Which décor for my aquarium?

Here some elements to be able to prepare a décor for your aquarium.

Dimensions of the aquarium:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Height

For the footprint of the décor, consider each dimension less 5 centimetres on each side for maintenance and cleaning of the glass.

Situation in the room, number of visible sides

Most aquariums have 3 visible sides, with 1 big side against a wall, but some are different:

Aquarium in a wall: 1 side.

Aquarium visible on all sides, very often square or round aquariums.

Aquarium separating two rooms, with 2 small sides against the wall or just one.

Aquarium in an angle.

Each type of aquariums brings a different type of décor.

Free accesses on the top of the aquarium

Take care of the free accesses between the strengthening pieces.

For aquariums integrated in a wall, think that you’ll have to bring your accessories and rocks over the aquarium.

We made a special big décor for a very large aquarium ( 6 meters long, 1 meter wide et 2 meters high) with elements that had to be under 30 cm as the way was very narrow. Not very easy for people who set up this décor!
Aquarium 6 m x 1 m x h 2 m, passage disponible 30 cm

Weirs and different materials

You have to take their dimensions and position into account to imagine your décor, same for tubes.


Prepare a design with 1 cm for 10 cm, then it’s easier to have the right proportions: front view and top view
Then design the main lines of your décor.

Exemple de plan

Choose your rocks

Depending on the type of aquarium (fresh water, cichlid fish, reef aquarium,  fish only…,) choose your décor:

  • central décors with many ways
  • grottoes
  • arches
  • platiers
  • backgrounds

Eliminate all décors that are too high or too big:
For a 50 cm high  aquarium, the tallest piece will be under 45 cm.

See catalogue and  examples.




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