Awards: Nuit des Carnot et Turgot 2015

Saturday 7 November 2015 in Limoges: Nuit des Carnot et Turgot – Trophées en porcelaine et en émail du Limousin.

Awards for aquaroche:
This year again we were nominated in 2 categories: Export and Vitality.
It was the place to be to meet sport champions, artists, dynamic companies and associations.
We had the pleasure to meet the company who makes the first ceramic artificial bones (I-Ceram) with porous ceramic.
So porous ceramics have a lot of possibilities.

List for “Turgot Limousin Exportation”:

List for “Prix de la Vitalité”:

Our awards:

trophée et médaillonTrophée pour l’Export et médaillon pour la Vitalité.

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