Reef system: multi reef elements

Décor avec Multi reef elementTo answer the requests of decorating big aquariums, cichlid or reef aquariums, we created new decorations rather universal in their uses: central decor, backgrounds or corner decors.

They are available in 4 heights: 44 -54 -64 and 74 cm.

All these new reef decors belong to our reef system range.

You can use them with all our other decors to build complete arrangements.


It took only 2 hours to set up this decor .(aquarium:3,50 m  long)



Multi reef element Dimensions
"Live rock function"
neutral, for fresh and marine water
central, angle or background.
H:44 9 9144 [3594985091445]
H:54 12 9154 [3594985091544]
H:64 15 9164 [3594985091643]
H:74 20 9174 [3594985091742]