Eco reef plates

An alternative to wild live rocks.

Neutral rocks, made especially for reef aquariums, with the aim to reduce the use of natural resources and in the end to replace wild live rocks .
Our intention : To offer either these colonised rocks (= live rocks) or new rocks that will colonise in the same way.
These are light sterile ceramic rocks, with a specific porosity : the quantity, the distribution and the orientation of the many holes and canals, offer a very large surface for colonisation around and inside the rocks. The aim, as with the best live rocks, is to make it easier for the development of bacteria and for the rocks to support biological reactions in aerobic and anaerobic areas

Technical date: a good porosity / LiVe Rock function

Label Aquaroche: Live rock functionThese rocks are flat, 20 to 30 cm long, 15 to 20 cm wide, with a thickness of 3 to 6 cm.
Density : dry: 0.8 to 1 – water absorption : 25 or 30 % of dry weight
Considering the low density of the rocks, the mechanical resistance of the material has been specifically calculated to stand the handling during the setting up : compared to our usual “ceramic rocks”, this product has thinner canals and very few transversal breaks. This structure with a surface a bit more closed makes it easier to obtain anaerobic conditions in the heart of the rock.


These rocks are sold new.
Retailers or aquarists can colonize them in aquariums that work well.
Partners are already working on production of “live rocks” with this product. End of 2006, production is launched and these rocks begin to be sold on the French market.

For several years now, Rémi and Johann from the French coral farm:  Ferme de Corail  in Camaret, have been producing on a large scale colonised “eco reef plates”, as well as our ceramic rocks and some items among the “reef system” range.
Rocks are colonised in a professional way, with specific methods, in a rich tropical milieu. Results are very interesting.

Interests and advantages of these rocks compared to live rocks.

  • Easy beginning as your rocks and inverts are already adapted to life in aquariums. Possibility of growing inverts on these rocks.
  • No plane : transport time is shorter.
  • Protection of natural environment.


Principe d'encastrement du reef scène systèmeIn reef aquariums, on can use these colonised rocks or new rocks that will colonise in the same way.
They can be used with our other products. Others in the lower part of the aquariums, eco reef plates on the top.
Our  décors from the “reef System” range make it easy to install these eco reef plates.
A complement with ceramic rocks is also interesting.

Insert “eco reef plates” rocks in the ledges of the Reef System elements.

Sold in 23 kg  boxes : assortment of mixed sized rocks.
In average, each reef system element needs 5 rocks of different sizes.

Eco reef plates Dimensions
Live rock function= become live over time
Neutral, for fresh and marine water
Use them with the built in ledges of the reef system elements. or as bridge or overhangs in your decors.
Box L:60 l:40 H:30 23 kg 0523 [3564982505235]

Assorted mixed rocks