Decors for public aquariums

We regularly provide public aquariums with our rocks and decors. They make their own setting ups.

Some use our standard elements for their smallest aquariums, but we often make special decorations, adapted to large size aquariums.

  • ceramic rocks and “eco reef plates” from 40 to  50 cm each
  • big plates from  1m  to 1,80 m
  • special elements

Please contact us for any projects.

They trusted Aquaroche

Aquarium de Liège – Belgium

We met Marie, the biologist of the Aquarium de Liège, at last Interzoo show in Germany in 2014. She wanted a big decor for the shark tank ( 4 meters x 4 meters x height 3,5 meters)

Small clay modell:
This makes it easy to visualize the volumes and know the quantities of rocks we have to make.



After we have made all the elements: setting up in our workshop to check the volumes and the scape, then each rock receives a number for the final setting up in the aquarium.

Some photos by the Aquarium de Liège team ( setting up and after several months)

Video on their Facebook page:

page Facebook de l’aquarium de Liège

Océanopolis – Brest

72 m3 aquarium / 60 m3 net volume / started in November 1999.

Population : mainly hard corals.
Intentions : create a very big reef aquarium, with the least possible live rocks from natural environment.
Structure: constructed by Océanopolis team.
9 % of volume with rocks ( 3,5 tons Aquaroche “ceramic rocks” and 1,5 tons live rocks on pvc structure and plastic netting. Ceramic rocks are entirely colonized and it’s difficult to determinate what’s natural and what’s artificial.
Biological equilibrium of the aquarium is perfect. Océanopolis team could even remark sexed reproductions of corals.

Aquarium du Musée des Arts Africains et Océaniens – Porte Dorée – Paris

Aquarium du Limousin – Limoges

About ten décors were created in 1993.

Musée de la mer de Biarritz

Aquarium de Lyon

We provided them with big ceramic rocks and eco reef plates for a 24 000 litres aquariums.


Marineland d’Antibes