Decors for all aquariums (freshwater, cichlids, reef aquariums)

Decorations and rocks to create natural biotopes in your aquariums:
Our rocks enable a good use of the aquarium, even in high tanks, create territories where fish feel good, making their cohabitation and reproduction easier.

Label Aquaroche: Live rock functionSpecificities:

These porous ceramic rocks are not only a decor but also a complete ecosystem,in fresh water as well as in reef aquariums
thanks to their specific porosity.

Bacteria, micro-organisms, baby fish find in our rocks a shelter adapted to each size. Aquariums with aquaroche decors last for years, with a much better equilibrium than with resin products. In reef aquariums it’s a real alternative to “all live rocks” aquariums.

You will find in this site a lot of ideas for the  decoration of your aquarium, aquascaping, examples and videos.