Decoration for a big reef aquarium

This aquarium can be viewed from 3 sides (front and 2 sides) and is very large which gives many possibilities of decoration and aquascaping.

Coral reefs

The large width brings enough space to create easily many “steps” for coral reef, high on the back, lower in the front.

Ways are created, with small beaches, hiding places under the rocks, many territories for fish.

Aquaroche “Eco reef plates” (15 to 30 cm) “Eco reef plates” in XL version ( 30 to 40/45 cm) and “platiers” (up to 75 cm) enable to create coral reefs with large surfaces for corals and inverts.

Setting up of this decor, step by step

This reef decoration / vidéo

Projet de décor pour aquarium 200 x 150 x h 90 cm Project of d…

Projet de décor pour aquarium 200 x 150 x h 90 cmProject of décoration for an aquarium: 78' x 59' x 35'Hauteur du décor: 80 cm / height of decor 31'.De belles proportions qui permettent de faire un décor avec de grands platiers, beaucoup de territoires, avec un faible contact au sol.

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Shopping list

2 – 0964 (rocks in semi-circle of 16 cm diameter / to hide tubes)
12 – rocks to rise the height 8 cm – special
1 – big rock with large way – special
1 – platier 75 cm – code 2875
6 – Eco reef plates XL / around 40 à 45 kg
1 – Eco reef plates – code 0523
1 – Ceramic rocks- code 0017

Cycling this decor

Tips to start cycling this décor.

Live rock function

Roche aquaroche colonis

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