Culture of live rocks

Cultured live rocks on aquaroche products

Since 2005, we have been producing very porous flat ceramic rocks. The purpose is to cultivate them as live rocks and, new, they are used in the setting up of decors with our  » reef scene system » elements.

These rocks are neutral, without artificial colouring matter that could detoriorate with time

Many aquariums have been equipped with these new or seeded rocks (up to 100 % with aquaroche rocks), and they work in an equivalent way to aquariums with natural live rocks with following advantages:

  • less sedimentation under the rocks
  • no pests

Months after  months  rocks are naturally seeded by coralline algae and micro organisms (brought by elements during the culture or some live rocks)

The underpart of the rocks is not filled in by coralline algae, which keeps a good open porosity on the surface, essential for exchanges.

La Ferme de Corail

The « Ferme de Corail » (coral farm) is located in former fish auction premises in Camaret/mer in Brittany since Februar 2007. There, in former lobster tanks, they specialised in growing corals.

Concerned with protection of natural resources, they make mainly coral frags, , bred amphiprions and aquaroche artificial live rock:

« ceramic rocks », « eco reef plates »

and some elements of the reef system:

Aquaroche rocks are stored in production tanks for at least 8 months, to ensure a good bacterian development and a good ‘corallinisation’. It’s important to find other alternatives to the depletion of natural coral reefs and to provide products of quality .

The « Ferme de corail » Facebook page.

Aquaroche rocks, correctly ‘seeded’ are largely equivalent to imported live rocks of very good quality.