Aquaroche distributes MarinePure

Aquaroche is now the exclusive importer and distributor of MarinePure in France and has the right to sell and/or have a sub distributor in all European countries.

MarinePure is an American brand from the company Cermedia, who has over 10-year experience in production of ultra-porous ceramics for biological treatment of water. Cermedia develops solutions as much for industry as for aquaculture and aquariology

MarinePure products are an excellent technical complementary product to Aquaroche decoration ceramics and can be used either in fresh or saltwater

Placed in an external filter or a sump, their surface area and their design make that they are one of the best bio-film filtration media for degrading ammonia, nitrites and nitrates with proven efficiency.

The range is currently of 4 products available for sale

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